Construction and Demolition Waste Treatment

C&D waste management from collection to disposal

CNTY provides comprehensive C&D waste management services that focus on the compliance and safety in the collection, transportation and treatment of construction waste and renovation waste. The engineering design, construction and operation have been thoroughly tested; our equipment is manufactured with the most advanced techniques and technologies. In addition to waste management, we have also expanded to the recycled construction material market where we can deal with construction waste on an industrial level and capture high value in the process. As of now, we provide such services and facilities in China and Europe.

Our Advantages

Advanced recycling disposal methods

CNTY has the grinding technology for recycled aggregates. We use automatic aggregate production line to produce various recycled products, including floor tiles, water permeable bricks, eco-bricks, pipe racks and curbstones.                          

In addition, we produce bricks and roadbeds by solidifying aggregates and recycling nutrition soil. The fine powder and sand can replace natural sand and coal ash as 3D printing construction materials with more added value and higher competitive edge.

  • Floor tiles
  • grass-planting bricks
  • water permeable bricks
  • load bearing concrete perforated bricks
  • non-load bearing hollow bricks
  • standard bricks
  • curb stones
  • light partition wall

Technological Innovation

We participated in the establishment and revision of the Chinese national standards on Recycled Fine Powder from Construction and Technical Specifications for Application of Recycled Fine Powder from Construction.                          

We have developed the gravity-type integrated sand making system by dry method in the world. It enables the perfect separation between sand and gravel while solving the problems of high investment cost, low output and unqualified mechanical sand as well as producing products that meet the C55 concrete utilization standard.