Circular Economy Industrial Park

Disposal of all types of waste to achieve recycling

A Circular Economy Industrial Park is a crucial function area for a modern city, and plays an important role in improving the delicacy management level of municipal waste and solving the NIMBY problem.

The CNTY Circular Economy Industrial Park operates in a transparent manner with real-time monitoring systems. It is a public-friendly waste treatment base that is dedicated to the R&D, and reduction and recycling of waste. The park aligns the management of all waste treatment projects, centralizes the supply of energy and water, opens up the energy flow and material flow among projects and eventually achieves the effective integration of municipal waste collection and treatment, driving the development of the city in a safe, smart, environment-friendly and harmonious way.

Waste treatment tier
Circular economy industrial park design
An all-round recycling circle
With advanced and environmentally friendly technologies, we recycle all types of waste. We make sure that all waste gets proper treatment and the energy generated during the process is used in other facilities, with nearly zero emission of pollutants and carbon. Based on the properties of different types of waste, we adopt a combination of different pre-processing techniques and treatment methods to reduce, reuse and recycle all household waste.