Monitoring and Analyses

With a deep understanding of the importance of industrial health and the public’s trust, CNTY attaches great importance to monitoring and analyzing the environmental emissions and has acquired a professional team dedicated to this segment.

Our Services

With the professional monitoring team, advanced testing devices and top-notch laboratory, CNTY carries out monitoring and testing of indicators across the entire life cycle of solid waste. Meanwhile, we also provide comprehensive monitoring and testing services including testing, sampling, and authenticating for waste water, exhaust gas, soil, water sediments and noise.

Our testing services include:
  • Exhaust gas, Waste water, Soil, Waste Sediment,
  • Noise, Groundwater, Fly ash,
  • CEMS comparison, COD testing, NH3-N testing,
  • Waste water flux, Dioxin Testing, etc.
Our Advantages
We have WTE plants, sorting facilities, landfills and other waste disposal facilities all over the world.
Our monitoring and testing team are made up of well-trained and experienced professionals.