Recyclables Collection

Capturing the value of recyclables

CNTY operates across the entire environmental service industrial chain. Based on the Internet and various software and hardware systems, CNTY has established the all-round recyclables collection system, with recycling channels and a reverse logistics system, aiming to provide clients with high quality recycling services.

Our Advantages
Professional Management

CNTY has decades of experience in recyclables collection in both China and other countries. We focus on controlling all the critical points across the recycling chain and ensure that recyclables go to proper disposal facilities, and thus reduce resource consumption and protect planet Earth.

New Technologies

CNTY uses the Cloud technology to upgrade the functions and information management systems of transfer stations and sorting centers, making recycling much smarter and easier.

Reliable Logistics

CNTY owns a fleet of sealed trucks that guarantee safe and efficient collection of recyclables. Our logistics teams connect the whole city and form a green collection network with low emission and low pollution.

Our Services
Collection appointments

Business clients can make appointments through our WeChat official account/Applet for onsite collection services.

Transfer stations

We upgraded former waste collection centers to transfer stations, which can better handle the collection, preliminary sorting and storage of waste with intelligent management methods.

Sorting centers

We established sorting centers to provide high-quality source materials for downstream reutilization with high added value.

Logistics team

Our own logistics fleet guarantees reliable and efficient transportation.

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