Leachate and Wastewater Treatment

Provide quality water management services

CNTY has accumulated extensive experience in the design, construction and commissioning of high concentration organic wastewater treatment projects. In the field of leachate treatment, we have independently developed a number of patented treatment technologies and processes, and the treated water meets the standards for direct discharge and reuse. Net-zero discharge of leachate and wastewater is the cornerstone for the stable operation of our WtE power plants, kitchen waste treatment and other projects.

Our Advantages

Professional R&D Team

We are able to develop and manufacture evaporation devices for wastewater containing high salinity and organic content. The combination of leachate treatment technology with independent software design and BIM allows us to significantly shorten the construction period and cut costs in materials and investment; with the regular data feedback from our projects, we are able to optimize the design in a timely manner.


Automatic Operation

We have independently developed control systems that can use visual analysis, various sensors, and machine deep learning to enable automated operation of leachate treatment projects. We can integrate UF, NF, RO, DTRO, material membrane systems, and TUF systems to achieve integrated, miniaturized, and unmanned leachate disposal systems.


Extensive Experience

Nearly 20 years of operating leachate and wastewater treatment projects have brought us extensive experience in dealing with various types of emergencies. By adding selected superior strains of bacteria at the early stage of commissioning, the A/O tank and anaerobic tank can reach 100% of the design standard within one week and three weeks respectively.