Leachate Treatment Phase II Project of Qidong Tianying WtE power plant in Jiangsu Province, China
The 400m3/d project uses biochemical+membrane treatment process, enabling the total nitrogen in the biochemical stage be reduced to below 40mg/L and&n...
Domestic sewage treatment system at Haian, China
The 20m3/d integrated domestic wastewater treatment unit is highly automated and requires less than 1 hour of manual intervention per week.
Medical Waste Plasma Gasification Project in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
The 15t/d plant is a government-franchised project for medical waste treatment in Yangzhou. It serves 1,890 local medical institutions...
Fly Ash Plasma Recycling Demonstration Project in Tongzhou Bay, Jiangsu Province, China
With a daily capacity of 100t, the plant is stalled with a multi-stage flue gas purification system to ensure optimised emission levels, and the vitri...
Medical Waste Plasma Gasification and Melting Project in Hai’an, China
Expanding an area of 1,335m2, the plant is equipped with the plasma gasification and melting process independently developed by us, and has completed...
Integrated sanitation services in Rudong County, Nantong City, China
We fully implement "slightly moist cleaning" on the city road and shift from rough cleaning to refined cleaning, from simple...
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