Food Waste Treatment

Customize solutions to recovery food waste

CNTY owns advanced technologies for food waste disposal as well as rich experience in operating and managing food waste treatment facilities in different countries; we are able to provide tailored disposal solutions targeted at different types of food waste which satisfy client needs, as well as achieving the efficient recovery of food waste.

Our Advantages

Synergic Incineration of Food Waste

To address the deficiency in the food waste collection, sorting and treatment system, we have developed a set of appropriate and effective solutions for the synergic incineration of food waste and domestic waste. It uses dehydration press and oil-water separation to solve the problem of high water and oil content in food waste.

It has the following advantages:
  • Low upfront investment. It can use existing facilities in WTE plants including the sewage treatment system, the waste gas treatment system and the waste residue treatment system.
  • Limited floor area. This set of technical solutions has a short technical process and compact equipment layouts, taking up only small spaces.
  • High waste reduction. The dehydration rate can exceed 70%, and the incineration leaves zero sewage, waste gas or residues.

Anaerobic Fermentation of Food Waste

We own this technology and have been widely applying it in Europe and other regions. This solution involves sorting, crushing, pulping, impurity and sand removal, oil-water separation, anaerobic fermentation and biogas power generation. It uses pretreatment technologies to ensure that the anaerobic fermentation advance properly, and thus realize the conversion of food waste to resources such as crude fat, biogas and fertilizers.

Technical Advantages
  • High adaptability. Diverse food cultures mean uncertainty about the composition of food waste. Our solution can adapt to all types of food waste and turn them into resources in a highly stable manner.
  • High intelligence. This technical process enables automatic control of facilities over the entire process.
  • High applicability. Modules in this solution have clear design and are applicable for all kinds of organic waste such as agricultural waste, food waste, and forestry waste.