Waste Classification

Provide personalized waste classification solutions

Waste classification is a key link in urban management and an important way to recover the value of waste. CNTY provides high quality waste classification services across the entire process of waste management for residential communities, schools, business districts in both urban and rural areas. Based on clients’ needs, we offer general planning, facilities installation, and project operation (including publicity). We have classification projects in cities across the world. Our operation model is highly flexible and adaptable; we have gained extensive experience in online-offline collection, food waste collection and public education among many other things by using smart waste classification facilities, mobile collection stations, classified collection stations, scheduled collection and on-site collection.

Our Advantages
Customized Service Plans
We are experienced in providing waste classification services all over the world. We offer customized solutions based on professional technical assessments and case simulation.
  • Available classification models

    Internet+ smart classification, mobile collection stations, classified collection stations, scheduled collection, on-site collection etc.

  • Available classification methods

    3 categories, 4 categories, refined classification methods

Build Rewarding Mechanism
Our professional team carries out surveys on residents and evaluate their environmental protection awareness and waste classification habits based on behavioral science, psychology, and urban planning methods. Then we build rewarding mechanisms accordingly and use them to improve residents’ awareness regarding waste classification.
  • Cashback

  • Coupons

  • Goodwill Credits

  • Community Service rewards

Upgrade Waste Classification System
We have independently developed smart waste classification devices, smart management platforms, mobile APPs and public education platforms. Based on the IoT, cloud computing, databases and system integration technologies, we use our smart devices and platforms to control waste collection, transport and disposal processes and have fully upgraded our classification system.
  • Smart waste classification system

  • Smart waste bin

  • Waste bag dispenser

  • Gift exchange machine