Waste Collection

Build an efficient, clean, and airtight logistics system for classified solid waste

CNTY has entered a stage of system upgrade, device renewal and smart management. We analyze transport distance, work load, traffic and facility conditions and build a logistics system that matches the origins of the waste, the transfer facilities and disposal facilities. We choose either a centralized or a decentralized transfer model to improve the efficiency of transport. Meanwhile, our intelligent cloud platform monitors the transport routes, work frequencies, vehicles, cleaners and working qualities to ensure that each type of waste is transported to its corresponding treatment facilities. The application of new technologies has largely improved the efficiency of selective waste collection and transportation.

Our Advantages

Smart Cloud Management of Waste Classification

Our Intelligent Urban Service Cloud Platform uses the IoT and the Internet to monitor all elements involved, including waste bins, vehicles, treatment facilities, operators, users among others. This unique way of smart management can satisfy people’s needs and boost efficiency, and eventually provide better quality services for residents, government officers and operating firms.

What we can do
  • Monitoring the status, location and quantity of classified waste bins.
  • Monitoring the status (e.g. oil content) of the vehicles and planning their routes.
  • Carrying out real-time management and assessment of operators.
  • Providing platforms for users to interact and make queries.

Green collection and transportation

We use electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and natural gas vehicles to reduce exhaust emissions and noise pollution during transportation. Our R&D team has developed a new type of waste compactor truck, which uses computers to improve load capacity and reduce emission.