Waste-to-Energy Plants

High-standard, low-emission, and environmentally friendly waste-to-energy facilities

CNTY owns the Belgian Energize® multistage grate incinerator technology. Through constant innovation, we have developed a whole range of WTE equipment. Our emission is better than the 2010 EU standard thanks to our combined flue gas treatment technologies.

In order to build environmentally friendly WTE plants, we have established a top class treatment chain for municipal solid waste. By incinerating solid waste, melting fly ash with plasma technology and recycling slag, we strictly control the emission of pollutants during the WTE process.

Our Advantages
We take the initiative to open all waste incineration power plants and install automatic monitoring equipment and electronic screens. To facilitate the supervision from government and residents, we voluntarily publicize and upload real-time emission data to networks that connect environmental protection authorities at all levels so as to build a transparent and green facility.
High standard for flue gas emissions
Our cutting-edge incinerators and flue gas technology set our emissions better than the EU 2010 standards.
More energy efficient processes
Our flue gas recycling technology and SCR low-temperature catalytic denitrification system cut our energy consumption by half while effectively removing NOx and Dioxin; and our smart incineration controlling system and optimized incinerators have greatly improved the amount of electricity generated by per unit of waste.
More comprehensive reutilization
we have achieved near zero emission of waste water; the slag is made into construction materials thanks to our integrated treatment methods.
More transparent operation
our intelligent operation systems are easily accessed by government offices and the public.
Green neighborhood
a lot of green space is integrated into the design of our WTE plants, creating a beautiful and tranquil neighborhood.
Various business models
we provide BOT, BOO, EPC, PPP and other investment and financing models, and accept O&M, PM and other operating models.
Leachate Treatment

We have extensive experience in dealing with highly concentrated organic waste water, as well as the design and construction of treatment infrastructure. Our proprietary “UASB+A/O+UF+NF+RO” approach for treating leachate has been patented. It combines biochemical reaction and membrane separation technology to ensure that the treated water can be reused.

Water Demineralization

We adopt the "pretreatment + secondary RO + EDI" treatment method. After removing small particles and other impurities in tap water or surface water in the pretreatment process, we eliminate the inorganic salts through reverse osmosis, and use the EDI to ensure that the water meets the boiler water requirements.

Odor Treatment

We use chemical washing absorption, plant liquid, photocatalytic oxidation and other combined processes to ensure that the odor can meet the national discharge standards after treatment.