Industry Research

CNTY constantly studies the macro-economic trends both in China and around the world as well as the latest developments in the industry so as to make long-term plans for the company’s future development.

Our Services

Our industrial development research team keeps up to date with the developments and trends in the global environmental protection industry and has established an industry development database and a global industry products database. With prudence and vision, they have achieved great outcomes in analyzing influencing factors and market structures, predicting mid to long term development, and researching on new technologies and sustainable development. Their efforts have not only provided decision making evidences to the company, but also enabled the company to provide comprehensive consultation services to governments and cooperators in areas like industry policies, micro operations, future trends, opportunities/risks, market entry and investments.                        

The services include:
  • including completing overseas M&A
  • developing plasma technology for fly ash and hazardous waste treatment
  • operating waste classification projects
  • manufacturing urban service equipment
  • developing urban service platforms and providing smart urban services
Our Advantages
We keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry.
We have rich knowledge of the global market, abundant global supporting resources at our disposal, and extensive experience in urban services and the design, investment and operation of waste management projects.
Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are highly sensitive to the industry developments.