Emerging Technologies

Constant innovation secures the vitality of CNTY. With both internal R&D teams and external expert groups, CNTY has developed its own R&D and application platform that facilitates technological transfer, application and the manufacturing of new products.

Our Services

Our R&D team focuses on urban services and solid waste management. Based on potential and actual market needs, our team is dedicated to developing new technologies and materials, and applying them in waste classification, transportation, disposal and other parts of our businesses. Our technological R&D and application have proven to be both creative and practical.                      

We have achieved breakthroughs in building an intelligent urban service cloud platform, a technical database and manufacturing urban service equipment as well as developing the plasma technology, smart bins, anaerobic digestion technology, and waste oil reutilization technology. Such results have not only boosted the development of the company, but also contributed to the efficiency and quality of the entire industry. Additionally, our R&D team has been actively engaged in cooperation with top universities all over the world and we have set up an international expert assessment organization.

Our services include:
  • Patented technology upgrade
  • Frontier technology application
  • New technology R&D platform
  • New product R&D
  • New material research
Our Advantages
We have a strong international R&D team that keeps up to date with the developments of frontier technologies.
We have formed partnerships with top universities and research centers in Asia, Europe and North America, which gives us the first-hand information of the latest R&D developments in the industry.
We have developed a technology evaluation system that can evaluate technologies and products from multiple dimensions to ensure their practicality.
Our global R&D investment has been on the rise.