Planning Consultation

CNTY can help design and plan urban service projects based on the size, development goal and speed of the city. We can offer comprehensive and strategic decision-making support for municipal officials and investors in accordance with the local legislation and conditions.

Our Services

We provide consultation service on urban service projects across the entire industrial chain, including research, assessment and technological support. Our team uses professional data models and applies ten mainstream methodologies (macro and micro analyses, theoretical and practical analyses, policy and environmental analyses, quantitative and qualitative analyses, static and dynamic analyses, hierarchical analysis, single-item and comprehensive analyses, data analysis and survey, comparative analysis, causal analysis, and comprehensive analysis of technology, economy and society) to solve the pain points across the industrial chain, and offer insightful and reliable advice to government offices and companies.

The services include:
  • Standard setting for urban services
  • Consultation on urban construction and service projects
  • Research on urban construction and service projects
  • Assessment of urban construction and service projects
Our Advantages
We have a strong R&D platform. Our domestic R&D and consultation team is based in Shanghai while overseas teams are based in Belgium and Ottawa.
Our business covers the entire industrial chain from solid waste management to urban services, which has given us extensive experience in providing project consultation services all over the world.
We have been operating hundreds of projects for many years, which provides strong data support for our consultation services.