Urban Cleaning

Create a clean and comfortable urban environment

Street cleaning is an important part in urban environmental management and can reflect the comprehensive strength and civilization level of a city. CNTY utilizes its professional operation management experience and advanced cloud platform and offer comprehensive cleaning services for streets, bridges, underground passages, public squares, and public water areas in both urban and suburban areas. Meanwhile, CNTY can provide customized cleaning services for schools, business districts and industrial parks. We focus on the cleanliness of the service areas, the efficiency of cleaning models, and the energy consumption of cleaning methods. We are able to achieve simultaneous cleaning of all facilities and roads in one service area.

Our Advantages

Mature and Advanced Cleaning Model

We keep optimizing the coordination between human and machines in the cleaning process and have established a model where various types of portable devices are flexibly employed in the sweeping, vacuuming, flushing, washing, and maintaining processes. In addition, we pay attention to the specific characteristics of different areas and settings as well as developing strategies that include all the facilities that need cleaning. We focus on the details and ensure cleaning qualities while quantifying the results and conducting supervision simultaneously.


Highly Efficient Cloud Platform Management

Our unique Intelligent Cloud Platform monitors the cleaning process of an entire city, including movements of vehicles, health of staff members, quality control and assessment, and emergency response and feedback. It has truly achieved the real-time monitoring and coordination among people, vehicles, tasks and facilities.

Management Map
The map displays the real-time information on the streets, including the movements of vehicles, locations of personnel, status of facilities and condition of service areas.
Transparent Management
  • Petrol management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Vehicle Personnel Performance
  • Equipment Alarm
  • Daily Consumables
Standardized Assessment
All the operation standards are made into spreadsheets which can automatically update and analyze cleaning outcomes and achieve standardized assessments of working results.
  • Mechanical Operation Management
  • Waste Removal Operation Management
  • Manual Operation Management
  • Public Toilets Cleaning Management
Real-Time Troubleshooting
  • The intelligent platform ensures real-time responses to any problems,
  • including problem reporting
  • problem processing
  • problem solving
Sophisticated Supervision
Supervisors can identify violations immediately on the platform which enables the transition from extensive supervision to more sophisticated supervision.
  • Real-time alarms
  • Video monitoring, including real-time video and video playback.
  • Playback of previous movements
  • Operation quality supervision, and selective operation status checks
Efficient Response
Supervisors can learn the real time status of personnel and vehicles on the platform, and come up with quick responses to any emergencies.