Urban Service Cloud Platform

Make urban services intelligent and efficient

Based on the Internet of Things, cloud platform and mobile Internet technologies, the CNTY Intelligent Urban Service Cloud Platform undertakes the integrated operation management of related links in the entire industrial chain of urban services, including waste sorting, waste collection and transportation, urban cleaning, MSW incineration, food waste collection and transportation, EPC monitoring and management, and hazardous waste management. With the data from the platform, users can directly monitor and report their corresponding indicators so that project outcomes are easily “controllable”. In addition, the platform can also be connected with the smart city networks (including users’ existing business subsystems such as Ping’an City and the Digital Urban Management System), and provides services needed by managers and operators through cloud services in a timely manner.

Our Advantages

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    Information Platform
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    Smart Devices
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    Intelligent Management

We have abandoned conventional softwares, and adopted a cloud platform with multiple subsystems, enabling the unified management and data storage. It enables the minute-level system deployment and expansion, which greatly improves operational efficiency.

Our Solutions

Internet of Things Terminals

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are applied to build intelligent infrastructure in every part of urban services, including waste classification, street cleaning, management of facility data (such as waste bins, public toilets...

WeChat Operation Terminal

  • We have built a WeChat applet as the offline operations management terminal for the CNTY Intelligent Urban Service Cloud Platform. The Applet has greatly improved the software stabilities, kept the operation habits of management crews...

Project Operations Management

  • It provides practical project management tools for the operation teams to effectively manage objects, data, processes and assessments, and forming unified and scientific management practices and methodologies in urban services.

Cockpit Management

  • The cockpit management section displays the operational status of related industrial chain subsystems, enabling senior managers to have a macro-control. It is conductive to the horizontal comparison between projects and their operation teams...

Government Supervision Platform

  • By extracting the data of the processes and outcomes of each project, the government supervision platform comprehensively displays the key achievements in a project, providing a visual scheme for government supervision and decision-making.

Through smart terminals, key steps in the urban service industrial chain are monitored, regulated and managed, and data properly managed. The Internet of things technologies are applied to achieve effective data communication between smart management terminals, which correspondingly provides an effective means for business supervision and decision-making.

Our Solutions

Smart Devices

  • Smart bins
  • Waste bag dispensers
  • Credit-for-Gift machines
  • Smart trucks

IoT Sensing terminals

  • Smart terminals for vehicle management
  • Smart terminals for personnel management
  • Smart terminals for assessment and inspection management
  • Video monitoring terminals for infrastructure
  • IoT positioning management terminals...

Gathering the professional knowledge from numerous experts in urban services, CNTY has established its own creative intelligent urban service management system comprising of five parts, namely, waste classification, waste collection and transfer, environment cleaning, final disposal, and operations management. It serves different customers, and provides effective instructions and supervisions so as to realize the smart management of urban services. Based on multi-dimensional data such as demographic data, geographical conditions and economic status, the smart management system analyzes the real-time conditions of urban services in various regions at multiple levels, and develops targeted plans and operation schemes for the urban service sector in different cities according to the relevant indicator system.

Our Solutions

Operations management

  • The operations management system facilitates the docking and integration of various businesses in the entire industrial chain. Through data extraction and storage on the cloud platform, it can better allocate resources, integrate different links...

End disposal

  • The modern and standardized end disposal system enables all-round supervision of operations, environment evaluation, assessments, and public images.

Waste Collection, Transportation and Cleaning

  • The waste collection, transportation and cleaning system takes multi-level factors into account, and carries out data collection and analysis regarding operation vehicles, related facilities, operation personnel, and patrol personnel...

Waste Classification

  • Based on factors like demographic data, area, economic status and natural conditions, the waste classification management system uses the Internet of Things and big data analysis to propose tailored, scientific and smart management...