True success lies in win-win cooperation
Brand new lifestyle with green new energy

  • 01
    Achieving life-cycle management of waste through safe disposal and recycling.
  • 02
    -Recovering the value of waste through treatment and recycling.
  • 03
    -Creating a better living space by providing smart urban services.
A world-leading environmental protection and new energy company with core technology and key resources
  • To Clients
    Exceeding clients’ expectations with reliable project operations
  • To Employees
    Increasing employees’ happiness and sense of accomplishments by caring for their career development
  • To Shareholders
    Delivering stable returns to shareholders through systematic management
  • To the Industry
    Providing cutting-edge technologies and business models by constant innovation
  • To Society
    Serving to propel social and environmental progress by implementing Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • To Environment
    Creating a more sustainable environment through our services
Management Philosophy
Creating and delivering value
  • 01
    Uphold virtues and care for employees
  • 02
    Focus on both efficiency and details
  • 03
    Achieve quality development through innovation
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