Sorting and Recycling

Provide high-valued recovery plans

Accurate waste sorting is essential to the efficiency of resource recovery. Based on the composition of waste, recycling needs, municipal requirements and economic benefits, CNTY provides targeted sorting solutions, including automatic, semi-automatic, and manual sorting schemes.

Our sorting facilities for recyclables enable progressive sorting of waste paper, plastics, glasses and fabrics.

Our Advantages

Automatic Sorting Technology

Our automatic sorting line is equipped with advanced optical separation equipment, which can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of waste sorting, and enable the quality of our recycled products to be better than the standard of the European ECOEMES Association.


High-valued Recovery Plan

We have a professional team dedicated to studying the recovery technologies aimed at various categories of recyclables. With operation experience in China and abroad, CNTY has established partnership with multiple Chinese and international companies to ensure the high-valued recycling of waste and sustainable development of cities.