Cross-Strait Friendship, Love in Fuzhou: Fuzhou Tianying Single Young Workers Embark on a Romantic Journey in Lianjiang

On August 2nd, the "Cross-Strait Friendship, Love in Fuzhou" friendship and dating event, jointly organized by the Fuzhou Federation of Trade Unions and the Lianjiang County Federation of Trade Unions, was grandly held in Gushi Village, Huangqi Town, Lianjiang County. A total of 80 single young workers from Fuzhou Tianying, including Lan Linping, Zhong Guoqiang, Wang Xin, Zhang Fan, and others, embarked on a "romantic journey."

Xiong Jianjun, a member of the Party Group and a third-level inspector of the Fuzhou Federation of Trade Unions, Weng Yingmin, Executive Vice President of the Fuzhou Taiwan-funded Enterprises Association, Wu Donghou, Secretary of the Party Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the Lianjiang County Federation of Trade Unions, Tang Xiuying, a member of the Party Group and Vice Chairman, and He Min, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Huangqi Town and Member of the Political and Legal Committee, attended the event.

Based on the online acquaintance of the participants, the event was carried out in the form of offline gatherings. At the offline event site, activities such as interactive games, talent shows, and tasting cross-strait delicacies narrowed the distance between the single young people from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, eliminating the sense of unfamiliarity. They got to know each other, showcased themselves, and exchanged friendship through interaction. The entire event was warm, romantic, and filled with a lively youthful atmosphere.

After the event, group photos were taken to commemorate the occasion, and many young men and women left their contact information with each other, hoping that their friendships could blossom into something more in the future.

The participants from our company expressed that they are often busy with work, have a limited social circle, and a small social life, which makes it difficult for them to find a partner. Through this friendship and dating event, they not only gained friendships but also experienced the excitement of romance and surprises. They hope that the trade union can organize more such events, allowing more single workers to find their life partners sooner.

In recent years, the Fuzhou Tianying Labor Union has regarded matchmaking services as an important task in providing caring support to workers and improving their quality of life. Through the dating platform established by the county and city federations of trade unions, the company actively organizes single young employees to participate in various innovative and lively friendship events, continuously enhancing their sense of achievement, happiness, and security.


Participants of Fuzhou Tianying


Group photo of the event


Game activities in the event