CNTY "100MWh Gravity Energy Storage Equipment" Enters "2023 List of the First (sets) of Major Technical Equipment (Projects) in the Energy Sector" by NEA

On July 26, the National Energy Administration officially publicized the "2023 List of the First (sets) of Major Technical Equipment (Projects) in the Energy Sector", in which the "100MWh Gravity Energy Storage Equipment" developed by China Tianying Inc. was honored to be listed.

As the proportion of China's new energy installed capacity continues to increase, the integration of renewable energy into the grid has put forward higher requirements for the grid's peak regulation, frequency regulation and consumption capacity. In order to bridge the volatility and intermittency of renewable energy power generation, enhance the utilization efficiency of renewable energy and assets, and promote the construction of a new type of power system integrating source, grid, load and storage, CNTY has taken the lead developing gravity energy storage technology and successfully realized the innovation of its "100MWh Gravity Energy Storage Equipment".

CNTY's "100MWh Gravity Energy Storage Equipment" is currently the world's largest and technologically leading gravity energy storage equipment. The system uses renewable energy like wind and solar, or valley-load grid power to lift the brick to an elevated position, so that the electric energy can be converted into potential energy for storage; when power is needed, the system lowers the brick to convert potential energy into electricity through the generator, providing stable, clean, and sustainable power for end users.



CNTY 100MWh Gravity Energy Storage Demo Unit