Rudong Tianheng Successfully Co-Hosted the “Contributions to the Great Rejuvenation of the Nation” Gala

In the scorching July summer, a new wave of civilization swept through the city. On the evening of July 24th, the gala titled "I Love Rudong, My Home: Service with Love Leading to Prosperity" under the series of themed activities, organized by the Publicity Department of Rudong County Party Committee and co-organized by over 30 key responsible departments for civilization creation in the county and civilizational units at the municipal level and above, kicked off at the Qianshuiwan Water Park in Rudong County.

This event was hosted by the Office of the New Era Civilizational Practice Center of Rudong County, the Publicity Department of the Rudong County Party Committee, the Civilization Office of Rudong County, and Rudong Tianheng Environmental Services Co., Ltd. It not only presented a cultural feast that illuminated civilization through dedication, safeguarded countless households through action, and wrote a story of love in the small city with warmth but also provided impetus for Rudong's efforts to create a national civilized city.

The performance was mainly presented by the Nanhuanhai Art Troupe and the Haiyun Art Troupe. Centered around the theme of "Contributions to the Great Rejuvenation of the Nation," the performance began with the opening dance "The Journey of Advancement." The entire art performance highlighted the theme and showcased diverse forms of expression. Through singing, dancing, fast-paced storytelling, poetry recitation, and other forms of performance, the program featured 14 acts including a solo performance by a male singer in "Pacific Winds," a situational storytelling piece titled "Guarding Our Retirement Funds," and a singing performance in "Walking on the Streets of Rudong." More than 130 performers brought brilliant works to the audience with full enthusiasm, creating a series of climaxes throughout the show, accompanied by continuous applause.

The performance group composed of 16 Tianheng sanitation workers left a deep impression on the audience. Holding brooms and leaving behind their association with garbage, they walked from the streets to the center stage, presenting a musical drama titled "Song of Sanitation Workers." Their authentic stories fully embodied the spirit of sanitation workers who fear no hardship or fatigue and showcased their noble sentiments of solid work and silent dedication in ordinary positions, thus realizing their own life values.

During the event, there were also interactive sessions featuring quiz questions on knowledge about creating a civilized city, socialist core values, waste classification, and environmental hygiene. By using an enjoyable format, these segments enhanced the awareness and coverage of relevant promotional work, creating a lively atmosphere on-site.

The sanitation industry is an ordinary yet great undertaking and an important window for the construction of urban material civilization and spiritual civilization. Over the years, thanks to the understanding and support of the masses, the sanitation industry in Rudong has made steady progress, striving for excellence. Rudong Tianheng sanitation workers have benchmarked fine urban management and the requirements for creating a "National Civilized City," constantly raising the standards of sanitation, improving the comprehensive management system, advancing integrated sanitation cleaning, perfecting the comprehensive waste management system, and achieving an elevated level of standardization, regulation, and mechanization in the sanitation industry. The changes in the urban appearance of the county town are clearly evident, and a beautiful and livable landscape unfolds. The series of themed activities under the banner of "I Love Rudong, My Home: Service with Love Leading to Prosperity" is one of the key mass activities for creating a civilized city this year. Rudong Tianheng will continue to carry out various forms of activities for civilization creation, promote the improvement and upgrading of the civilized city construction, and contribute wisdom and strength to the comprehensive advancement of the Chinese-style modernization in Rudong!


The musical drama titled "Song of Sanitation Workers"


Group photo of performance personnel