China Tianying's "New Zero-Carbon Modular Gravity Energy Storage Technology" Selected as a Zero-Carbon Technology Solution in 2023 "Zero Carbon China" Summit

On May 28th, the 2023 Carbon Neutrality and Zero-Carbon China Summit, hosted by the Changping District People's Government of Beijing, the Energy Investment Professional Committee of the China Investment Association, and the Beijing Future Science City Management Committee, and organized by the Changping District Investment Promotion Service Center and the Beijing Future Science City Development Group Co., Ltd., was successfully held in Beijing's Changping Future Science City. The summit announced outstanding cases and solutions for zero-carbon technology, and China Tianying's "New Zero-Carbon Modular Gravity Energy Storage Technology" was selected as a zero-carbon technology solution.

The new zero-carbon modular gravity energy storage technology is an efficient mechanical energy storage technology based on artificial intelligence control. The modular layout can achieve gigawatt-hour and above energy storage scale by combining and stacking energy storage units based on 10 megawatt-hours, with strong scalability. The deployment is flexible and has no special requirements for terrain and geology. The 1 megawatt-hour energy storage unit occupies less than 150 square meters, and the expansion of capacity makes the footprint even smaller. The intelligent software platform integrates computer control and machine vision, accurately controlling the various motion states of the mechanical components to the second level. The storage medium of the gravity energy storage system is made of various waste materials to achieve large-scale solid waste resource utilization. A 100 megawatt-hour gravity energy storage project can take in 300,000 tons of solid waste. The energy conversion efficiency of the gravity energy storage technology can reach 85% to 90%, and its service life is over 50 years, resulting in low life-cycle cost.


The awarding ceremony


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